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The Audience Project

The Collective

KULTURDATA is the project name and change-agent for the development of audience development skills and digital capacity in the cultural sector Internationally. 

Audience Centered Design

A planned, organisation-wide approach to extending the range and nature of relationships with the public, it helps a cultural organisation to achieve its mission, balancing social purpose, financial sustainability and creative ambitions

Audience Data

Deep data insight in to local and national cultural engagement available for the individual cultural organisation and for agencies and policymakers.

KULTURDATA facilitates the development of cultural organisations data maturity and data literacy capabilities.

Benchmarking & Impact

Utilizing the largest audience database globally, individual organisations, agencies and policymakers can assess, simulate and test activities and strategies designed to improve the engagement with existing and potentially new citizen groups.

Audience Segmentation

Our inspiration is real geo-based ticketing and survey data, that forms the basis of real-life audience. 

Audience Academy

A crash course combining workshops and online meetings enabling cultural leaders master the data literacy and change management skills needed to effectuate an audience centric approach to achieving artistic, social and financial goals


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