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Democratising culture requires digital dialogue

Audience development becomes audience stalemate, when the means is simply more and more expensive marketing of the same experiences to the same audiences with the same methods.
If culture is truly to live up to its visions of democratizing cultural experiences, it needs to adopt new tools that embrace diversity - both in terms of content and in terms of audiences.

Culture is Managing 

The Space Between

Engage and own the space with your audiences by leveraging and activating audience data

Cultural institutions live in the space between audience and artist.

The right approach to data can help shape the space - from a distance vagueness to cultural engagement.

Our tool AudienceEngage helps transition from a blurry and vague outline of an audience segment to accurate, evidence-based audience insights.

Opera Singer
Image by Possessed Photography

Digital engagement with the right audiences, with the right product at the right time


Navigating across a wide palet of solutions that help you engage more effectively with todays digitally minded audience

What until but a few years ago was a beautiful, unrealistic vision is now the audience's clear expectations.

Personalized recommendations based on history and preferences, across time and channels.

But culturetech is a jungle where only experience can tell who promises what they can keep.


is Nordic member of the

CultureSuite Community

Building a sustainable digital experience will help open the doors wider for more people to enjoy the arts. That is our purpose. 

CultureSuite, a group of thinkers, designers, and tech experts who work with 90+ arts and culture organisations.


Our collective experience spanning two decades has allowed us to see the bigger picture. We’ve realised that though every organisation is unique—from local theatres to the world's biggest arenas—all can harness the power of a single, robust platform. Together.

Kids visiting a museum

We design tailor-made solutions, whether for small independent cultural centres or complex organisations and cultural clusters

Navigating the culturetech jungle

No two cultural institutions have the same needs. But not everything needs to be invented from scratch.


We have experience in when it is valuable to develop unique solutions and when there is greater value in leaning on the experiences of others.

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