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A Culture Tech Community

We believe finding solutions is about thinking holistically and mapping the best technology and consultancy to your needs. And in the same way, working collectively and bringing together a wide range of skills and technologies ensures dynamic, creative and sustainable results.

KULTURDATA is an umbrella community where peoples and organisations who have in common a deep understanding of the special requirements for the cultural sector.

Listed below are KULTRDATA friends.  

What our associates have in common
Working in the intersection of data, tech and cultural democracy
Our project management principles for cultural digital transformation - beginning with the "why?"
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The Audience Community

Rise Up. Speak Up. Join Up.

Behind Kulturdata is a small group of organisations, with a nordic focus, who are looking at how cultural organisations, policy-makers and suppliers better understand the nature and substance of the relationship between we the citizens and our cultural offerings.
Our goal is to create a better, more structured approach to understanding the needs and wants of the individual through a collective approach.

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